Owen Lucas Photography

Some of the best weddings in my experience are on a shoe-string, because the individuality of the occasion consequently increases. That's not to overlook the photographic potential of higher end locations, etc, of course. The point being that whatever elements you decide for your wedding are sure to be fascinating and exhilarating to photograph.

I dig originality. The co-ordination of your wedding day will invariably create a fabulous photographic canvas: You table the location, dress, et al, and I'll add originality and emotion into your album.

I'm interested in the wish of an eyelash, the flicker of a smile and all the warmth and gesture of those close to you. But also the majesty of a castle, the awe of a window's light, the texture of a hessian runner and the eternality of a wedding.

I have been a professional photographer for over five years and receive high plaudits for my images. I am based in between Bath and Bristol, where I live with my wife and three sons at Welton Manor Farm.

I love to shoot European destination weddings.

Call at Owen Lucas Photography and we can visualise your wedding; envisage how the three of us would have a tremendous day together; and shoot a great album to treasure.